Will Sherlock fit in my handlebar?




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    Kirk Redwine

    How much does it weigh?

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    Sherlock Support

    Hi Kirk!
    Sherlock weights around 50 grams.

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    Antonio Bove


    I was wondering if Sherlock will fit in an Orbea Carpe 20?? Thanks in advance. 

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    On 3a

    I am from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and this product has been purchased and is working in my area .. Because I entered the store to carry the program refused and told me that this program is not available to me What do I do to make this product note that I have shared ongi.3a@gmail.com

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    Sherlock Support

    Ciao On 3a,

    Sherlock is available only in listed Countries.

    I'm sorry, but your device will be deactivated remotely. You'll receive an email with further details.


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