Why the app "Cannot find Sherlock"?




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    Steve Bellis

    I can't my IPhone 6 Plus with IOS 11.2.1 to pair with the Sherlock I received. I've tried all of the steps recommended except disabling NFC, because NFC cannot be disabled on iPhones.  What do you recommend I do?

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    Ella Moretti-Chambers

    I have a hwaweii P9 android phone, all up to date, but its not connecting, comes up with an error message
    How do I get this connected, I have tried all the processes but it still does not work, I don't want to be stuck with something that does not work and I have wasted my money, please help.

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    Same error as Ella. Made certain the device is charged, phone is charged, NFC is off, GPS is "High accuracy is enabled. Made a few attempts, all with the same result. Removed and reinstalled the application, restarted the phone (CAT 60, android version 6.0.1). Phone and device are only about 5cm apart. Still the same error. Disappointing to wait four months for it to ship and have it fail to connect repeatedly.

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    Phil Reed

    Same problem iPhone 6 IOS 11.2 very annoyed indeed will have to return the product what a waste of time.  Oh and on the iPhone 6 it is not possible to turn off NFC !!!

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    Phil Reed

    To those who cannot pair, the problem may be that the IMEI code on the box is not the right one - they probably just put the wrong device in the wrong box. I asked and got this brilliant reply from Sherlock Support that worked :

    To solve the pairing issue you reported, firstly we kindly ask you to verify that the Sherlock LED light lights up once connected via microUSB to a power source.

    If it does light up, please try the following:

    Please download nFR Connect app (https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/nrf-connect/id1054362403?mt=8) and follow the steps below:

    Close all open apps on your smartphone
    Go to Settings > Bluetooth and forget Sherlock (if previously associated)
    Perform a Bluetooth scan with the nRF connect app you just downloaded.
    Identify your Sherlock using the IMEI code
    Write down the IMEI code
    Tap on Connect next to your Sherlock
    Wait 10 seconds. A popup will appear asking you for a PIN code.
    Enter the PIN code you set (if you haven't changed it yet, the default value is 123456)
    Tap on Unknown Service UUID 401A0002
    Tap on Unknown Characteristic UUID 401A0201
    Tap on the UP arrow (upload)
    Type 04 to send the command
    Wait for disconnection
    Close the nRF connect app
    Retry the Associate Sherlock procedure from Sherlock Bike app on your bike profile

    Note: make sure that you use the IMEI code identified above, not the one on your box.

    This worked for me so thanks to Sherlock Support

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    Steve Bellis

    Thanks Phil! Apparently I had the same problem. Used the procedure you shared and it worked!

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    Ella Moretti-Chambers

    Phil, this did not work for me because I have an android phone, I tried to follow your steps but no password prompt came up, the guys at Sherlock says there is a bug for Hwaweii users and there will be an update soon....i hope I don't have to wait long :-(

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    Colin Taylor

    I had the same issue and used the above solution on an Android Galaxy S8. Success and all alerts etc are now functioning.

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    Marcus odell

    Its a bug in andriod ive got a s8 on andriod & mine did the same now the on/off button on the app has gone.

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    James Lawrence

    I’ve done everything suggested and my Sherlock will still not connect. I am becoming very frustrated with this tracker and wished I’d waited for one with proven reliability. When I first purchased the Sherlock I had a problem with my the battery showing 1% after charging it for hours. This seemed to clear up by itself as after a few days it started operating correctly. Now however it won’t connect at all. Support seem to take days to answer.

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    Kajetan Fender

    Brand new device had the same problems with connect, tried 3 different Android phones Sony / FR2 and did not connect with anyone. Also with the nrf-connect https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=no.nordicsemi.android.mcp I did not find the device.



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    Lee Shaw

    Purchased today and spent a frustrating couple of hours getting Sherlock paired with my Samsung S8.  After unpairing the bluetooth device, uninstalling the app and reinstalling and switching off NFC I finally got Sherlock paired and working.  Hope this helps someone else.

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