What is the PIN code for?




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    Dietmar Martin

    dear sirs.

    For view moth ago I paired my tracker ( 2 pcs. ).

    Both Tracker they worked good.

    Since 2 days I cant a Blue Tooth connection to my IPhone 6s.

    I tried so many things.

    I delete both tracker and the App and reinstall all the App.

    Every time If I want pairing again -( with reading the barcode), I got  a failure.

    Message: "Bluetooth is powered off "- but my BT ist on?

    How can I delete or restart the devices forv BLUE TOOTH...?

    B.R. Dietmar MARTIN






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    Sherlock Support

    Hi Dietmar,

    Your issue is known and it is caused by the last iOS 11 update.

    We are working restlessly on the iOS app to solve this issue, that was out our scope, with the support of an Apple engineer and we will release a Sherlock app update soon.

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    Sherlock user

    Is the PIN code system still in use? I have not been prompted for a PIN when linking to an account on other phones nor when I was adding/removing the Sherlock on the phones.  The present system has

    1) When installing the app on a phone it asks for an e-mail address to create a Sherlock account and then you assign a password for that account.  Sherlock only seems to send e-mails when you create a passport and when you do a password reset.  The list of bicycles and the Sherlock associated with each bike is stored at the account level. If you use the same account on more than one phone then all of them see the same list of bikes. Most people will only have one bike and one Sherlock.

    2) When linking a Sherlock to a bike within the app you are expected to enter the IMEI of the Sherlock. Normally you do this by scanning the IMEI from the side of the box. You are expected to have the Sherlock in hand as the app then scans for and talks with the Sherlock using Bluetooth.

    At no point does the app display a PIN that you need to save nor does it ask for one. The IMEI is sort of like a PIN in that it's something you must save, either by keeping the box with its IMEI barcode or by writing the IMEI down and saving that.


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